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HealthyHuman, that is us: Joyce, Danique, and Julia. Three open-minded, inspired, and curiosity-driven women that give everything for what they do and believe in. On a daily basis, we walk the fine line between equality and equity in health care. We are convinced: One size does not fit all. Especially when it comes to finding an intervention that meets your personal goals and needs. Our tailor-made approach embraces individual differences, empathizes with individual needs, and provides the support that is really needed. For some, that might be a gentle push in the right direction. Others require a fundamental restructuring of their work and private life, adopting a new and healthier lifestyle, or rethinking their priorities.

Our goal is to make individuals shine inside and out and increase their self-efficacy in taking control of their physical and mental wellbeing. For more enjoyment of your work and leisure time.

Whatever it is, we go to extremes. After all, nothing beats good health.

Team HealthyHuman


Joyce van Dijk


Danique Zaal


Didi Krahmer

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