HealthyHuman offers employers and insurers packages, workshops, and e-learning modules in correspondence with today’s diversity and inclusion policies. Packages can be deployed for preventive and reintegrative purposes.

HealthyHuman is affiliated with CZ and Menzis. In addition, we are registered with the Central Register for Short Professional Education (CRKBO), which means that our trainings and education for professionals are VAT-exempt. This benefits professionals investing in their higher education and organizations that aren’t entitled to VAT-deduction, like foundations, associations, charities, governmental organizations, or financial institutions.


Everything under one roof

We offer all needed to restore and maintain mental and physical wellbeing. Coaching: sleep coaching, work-life coaching, career coaching, hypnocoaching, and HSP coaching. But also: mindfulness, yoga, nutritional advice, lifestyle advice, menopause consultation, personal training, walking training, and boxing.

Experienced and highly qualified professionals

HealthyHuman collaborates exclusively with experienced and highly qualified coaches and trainers. Professionals in our nationwide network are subject to regular evaluations and continued education.


Our services are also offered in English.

Nationwide coverage

Our services are offered all across the country. No matter where you live and work, a HealthyHuman professional is always nearby.

Proven Effective

Thanks to our accreditations and scientific collaborations, our approach has been proven effective. Our services have been shown to contribute to retention and advancement, lower absenteeism, heightened job satisfaction, committed employer reputation, heightened commitment and increased motivation amongst your employees, improved staff wellbeing and vitality, and a healthier, more sustainable workplace atmosphere.

Culture- and gender-sensitive

Expertise in counseling people of different ethnic backgrounds, cultures, and sexual preferences.

met de wetenschap

Scientific collaborations and research contributions

HealthyHuman wants to make a difference.

We believe science to be the driving force of lasting impact and change. Therefore, we collaborate with scientists from Amsterdam UMC and medical professionals to provide evidence-based services. Our ProudWoman work-life packages have been subject to two ZonMW-funded effectiveness studies.

Additionally, the ProudWoman work-life package has been recognized as theoretically substantiated by the National Institute for Public Health and Environment (RIVM) of the Dutch government. Thanks to our collaborations with research institutes and other health-promoting organizations, we can guarantee the quality we deliver.


Effectiveness Study ProudWoman 1.2

Workers with low socioeconomic positions (SEP) are more likely to have precarious working conditions, including high physical and psychosocial workloads, little autonomy, and insufficient social support (Burdorf et al., 2016. As a result, they are at greater risk of poor health and impaired functioning (Burdorf et al., 2016). This study explores the effectiveness of the ProudWoman work-life package in promoting physical and mental wellbeing amongst low SEP-workers.


Studie ProudWoman 1.1

During menopause and midlife, female workers, particularly those in low-paid jobs, experience more occupational health problems than other groups of workers. Workplace interventions are often lacking, however.

In the Netherlands, a workplace health promotion intervention—the work–life program (WLP)—has been developed to support female workers.This study explores the effectiveness of the WLP in reducing absenteeism and increasing physical and mental wellbeing in menopausal workers.

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