HealthyHuman offers trainings, workshops and e-learnings for groups of like-minded people.

The trainings focus on evidence-based knowledge transfer and the conveyance of practical tools that can be applied in day-to-day life. Participants are given a safe space to share and exchange personal experiences, which increases group cohesion and creates mutual recognition and understanding. In short, an effective way to learn from each other and inspire durable change.

Everyone is unique. Therefore, we offer a broad range of trainings that reflects individuals’ gender and life phase diversity.


Hormones and stress

Workplace satisfaction in different life phases


Work-life balance

Sleeping patterns

Menopausal transition and menopause

Research and education

Inclusivity and diversity



E-learning refers to educational clips of varying length that convey evidence-based information on a given topic, relevant case stories of experience experts and practice-oriented tips and tricks. The clips can be customized to your topic(s) of choice, requirements, and target group. They can also be complimented with in-vivo coaching or interactive offline exercises.

E-learning is an ideal tool to reach a large group of people, nationally and internationally, with one and the same message. Participants can view the clip(s) at any time and place.

Interested? Watch a demo of the E-learning clips produced for other customers.

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